Looking for a coparent on the Central Coast!

When you want a baby, sometimes there are no other options than going the "sperm donors way". By law, sperm donors in Australia must provide identifying information. So intended parents who want a baby through donor conception can look for sperm donors in a sperm bank.

by blondy » 02 Mar 2018


I'm 37, single and just found out that I have an AMH level which is very low so it's going to be very hard for me to fall pregnant. My doctor has advised me that I need to start trying ASAP if I want to have a baby. Whilst this isn't an ideal situation I am desperate to have a child and would rather be a parent like this than not at all!

I'm looking for a co-parent and someone who wants to make this as normal a situation as possible! Possibly even live together, depending how we get along so that we can both be as involved in the child's life as possible. As I want the child’s father to be a part of it’s life I am only looking for a coparent from NSW.

by Brett100 » 05 Jul 2018

Hi, I'm on the central coast, no health issues or bad genetic history in the family, I'd like to get to know you better. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask .

by Brett100 » 14 Aug 2018

Maybe we can meet for lunch at Thommo's cafe and have a chat, it can't hurt to meet up

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