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by jmb04 » 21 Dec 2013

Hoping to find that 1 lady to be the mother of my child in SF Valley, CA.

by Mom128 » 26 Dec 2013


I am brand new to this site, and haven't filled out all my profile info yet. But I am in Seattle. Is that too far for you to consider? If not, reply to this post on the forum here, and I will write back with more info about me, contact details, the works, and we can chat to see if it might be a good match. :-)

by Mom128 » 27 Dec 2013

I'm a single female in Washington state. Is that too far away from you?

by jmb04 » 02 Jan 2014

Hey Mom128,

Sorry it took me so long to reply back to you. Seattle is a wheeee bit far. Too bad - for me. :(

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