looking a Caucasian donor in the Philippines

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by bby_lai » 22 Jul 2013

I am a Filipina and my partner is a Caucasian. We are currently living in the Philippines. We really want to have a baby. My partner is a cancer survivor and that's the reason why we can't have one. We are looking for a generous Caucasian donor who can help us build a family. If you are willing to help us, then, I would be very grateful and thankful to you since I prayed for this dream. If you have Caucasian friends here in the Philippines who are willing to help, please let us know.

by ausmale » 13 Oct 2013

I hope you have found your donor, if not I would be willing to travel there if my flights were paid for or happy to give if you was to visit Queensland Australia. Just an idea, as I say i hope you have found a donor

by Jace79 » 20 Jan 2015

I'm thinking of visiting the philippines.
I usually live in Indonesia
It could be timed right to visit

by ToHelpU » 26 Jan 2015

Hello, happy to help if you were to visit New Zealand.

by iceeyes » 25 Jun 2017

Nice to meet you ... I'm a 35 year-old Italian boy living in Bangkok, Thailand. My sperm is very fertile and healthy, I have not STD illnesses and I am ready to donate my sperm.
If you are interested can contact me.
All the best, Andrea

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