Long island, NY. Let's see if we can make beautiful babies.

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by Telomers » 11 Jul 2018

47 year old male. Successful, creative, good looking, excellent shape. Looking for female with great genes, healthy, wants to be a mom. Too many women I know have kids and don't want to parent. Not good. I am successful and financially secure to pretty much be the best dad and great Coparent. Heck, I can even spend 100% time with the child. Let's make 2 to 5 kids while we are at it. Smart, athletic, creative kids, good looking kids!

Let's make it happen.

by Goddessc » 11 Jul 2018

I'm interested

by angiem98 » 12 Jul 2018

I'm interested in taking to you more.

by SithSauc » 12 Jul 2018

Hello. Are you open to a plant-based diet, unschooling, and do you like cats? If so send me a message! Would love to connect :) a

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