Light Skin/AfrAm/Hazel eyes 6'2 Looking to help

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by Atlalien » 02 Oct 2018

Hey looking to help one more person.. Donated once...looking to donate once maybe twice more. Would have to discuss things here as I dont have a permium membership anymore. Feel free to tell me a little about yourself and what your looking for exactly. I am able to travel and AI is my required method.

College degree... Enjoys basketball and following current events.

by Sexyflow » 06 Oct 2018

Hi I'm a gendermale that's been engaged for almost 9yrs only to have my relationship interrupted due to not being abke to provide a baby. I am desperately looking for a donor with no attachments to build a dream for me and my partner..are you able to help?

by Brooke11 » 07 Oct 2018

I am interested. I live in Arizona...

by Devonne » 07 Oct 2018

Hi there.
I am interested in knowing more about you. I am only open for AI and would prefer to ship as the method for insemination. Feel free to email me at *** to discuss further.

Thank you

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