Let's go half on a baby :-)

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by PG2NU » 04 Oct 2015


My partner and I are a lesbian couple interested in co-parenting with an amazing guy. We've been together for 5 years. We are both educated, spiritual,  healthy,  family oriented,  open minded and loving.  We are interested in co-parenting with someone that is honest, healthy,  free spirited, spiritual,  loving,  and exciting about being a father.  Let's get to know more about each other and go half on a baby :-)

by Alaskabob » 28 Oct 2015

Ok what race you looking for

by Deputy » 09 Apr 2016

Interesting! Would like to discuss this more, as I would like to co parent myself and become a father. What state do you live in?

by Tmouse » 10 Apr 2016

Where are you from?

by Dthomas9 » 11 Apr 2016

I am a male 44yrs old with no kids and want to be a father, since my wife who I want to leave because where not intimate and she don't want kids. :roll: I am from Gary, IN and I'm open to any race

by Starwars » 15 Apr 2016

Hi i from Maine

by lovely » 22 Apr 2016

hi i would love to help you girls with getting pregnated i am a christian and i am very excited about becoming a father so please let's chat and discuss this very wonderful relationship we can have as a father and mom.

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