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There are very different types of people looking to find a co-parent match in this forum, some looking for high commitment and others looking for partial commitment. You will find homosexual & lesbians co-parenting prospects in the forum.

by Jayandb2 » 04 Oct 2019

So my girlfriend and I are trying to get pregnant and we have 2 secure incomes and we have a 2 year old at home and we want her to have a sibling. I'm 32 and she is 40. As my mom died when I was very young I always told her that If I could be half the mom she was, I would be proud. That being said, We are looking for a sperm donor who will not have any further contact after said donation. We just want our daughter to have a sibling to love. If you would like to know more, please message me.

by lokeydan » 31 Oct 2019

I would love to come buy you coffee and let you evalutate me as a potential. I live in san DIego I would like my mom to hold the baby one time if that is possible.

by Irissa23 » 02 Feb 2020

Hi I am a lesbian looking for a donor I really love children and
Would love to have a child of my own I'm 18 years old this will be my first child and I will be so happy

by willymix » 15 Feb 2020

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