lesbian with depth talent yet a struggling reality

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by paige33 » 15 Sep 2017

I naturally desire only a woman a close primary relationship with a woman.. Maybe I would meet one first on here and we can take it from there trying to find a good father or fathers to be involved..
my experience with men is that they hate u unless u are sexually what they want u to be and for me that is nothing I want no sex with men
yet I can imagine a couple where an understanding bisexual woman loves her man yet is missing something I could give..
to have help in taking care of myself and the possibility of contributing to a family is what I want
but I want no further desensitization from sex I want.. I want to be respected and not asked to be more than I can manage else i'll just be alone.
I want to matter. I want something easy going yet very serious and involving many values especially if we have children..

if u were to look at my art or some other traces of myself I've composed u would understand me more... u would find something profound i have become familiar with that i won't go on about here or even hint about just yet...

sometimes i believe there really are people out there that this idea of a situation i have in mind could work with..
the man would need to be extremely understanding.. and the woman too.. and maybe if that's not what u have to offer don't pretend.. let me know what u do have to offer..

i want a child only one from me and i want it to have a family i can't raise it alone... i don't want to be alone either tho

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