Lesbian married couple looking for sperm donor.

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by KlaraKat » 25 Nov 2016

(South-western Ontario) LONDON AREA
Hi there,
My wife and I are looking for a sperm donor to help us try and conceive. We are both active and enjoy the outdoors as well as the country side where we reside. We both work in child care and would love to start a family of our own. We are both educated and empathetic individuals with life long dreams of being mothers. If you think you can help us create a child by donating to us we are grateful. We do not wish to coparent but are flexible with contact; pictures/updates. There will be no parental rights to the sperm donor so a contract would be enforced to protect everyone involved.
I am cocasian with Scandinavian heritage and my wife is native American depending from a line on the west coast of Oregon, USA. We preferably would like a mixed race individual, native, cocasian, or Latin heritage donor. But don't be afraid to message us regardless, we could end up being more open to other races to father our children.
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