Lesbian looking for cool sperm donor ASAP

There are very different types of people looking to find a co-parent match in this forum, some looking for high commitment and others looking for partial commitment. You will find homosexual & lesbians co-parenting prospects in the forum.

by Vic0110 » 06 May 2020

Hi, :)

Looking for a sperm donor or possible co parent as my girlfriend and I aren’t opposed to having a fun, loving, knowledgeable father figure in our child’s life.

by PontentA » 10 May 2020

Interested donor and single father of 2 smart funny n cute like dad boys. Interested asap

by Nicegi79 » 28 Sep 2020

Let me know if I can help a white man from southern Idaho

by Deano893 » 01 Oct 2020

Im Dylan im 31 i live in North Carolina. Where are yall at? Id love to help

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