Lesbian couple wanting a sperm donor

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by Mekhi15 » 04 Nov 2019

Hello, my wife and I are looking for a sperm donor to help us expand our family. We two hard working woman that is ready to share our love with our very own child. We got married a little over a year ago and feel it’s time to try for a baby. Seeing as it can be expensive going to the banks and etc. It was shared with us we could easily get a willing donor on this. We hope a qualifying person will be willing to give us that. We do not care about the race or history, but do want a decent background and healthy medical record and history. We don’t mind meeting but preferably would want minimal contact seeing as the donor will not be involved at all.

by AlexR87 » 06 Nov 2019

Hi! First of all, congratulations on celebrating your first year together.
My name is Alex, and I would be glad to become a sperm donor to to help you start a family. I don't know if you can click on my profile, but here is a summary about me:

"My name is Alex, and I am currently residing in Maryland with my husband James, and our two awesome dogs. I have been serving in the US Army for 12 years, where I work as a language analyst. As a speaker of multiple languages, I speak English, Filipino (Tagalog and Cebuano), Arabic, and Russian.
I am of mixed origins (half-Arab and half-Filipino); with my father being from Jordan and my mother being from the Philippines.
Growing up, I have always been interested in the arts, in science, in politics, and in sports.
Through out my life, I have excelled academically, especially in the subjects of Art, Mathematics, Foreign Languages, and Science. I hold two college degrees, one in the Arabic Language and another in the Russian Language.
In the US Army, I served two deployments in Iraq, and have been stationed overseas. This allowed me to visit more than 20 countries so far. My husband and I love to travel abroad or in the US, and we try to make sure to bring our dogs with us.
I am hoping to serve as a sperm donor for any couple or single parent in need of one. I am also interested in co-parenting, should we be able to work out a proper family situation that would most benefit the child. Please feel free to contact me and ask me anything. I am an open book, and I look forward to hearing from you."
I completely understand the desire to limit contact with the sperm donor. I respect your privacy, and I honestly only wish to help a fellow LGBT couple like yourselves.

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