Lesbian couple sperm bank are just to high

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by Tffnybcn » 18 May 2018

Me and my wife is looking for a donor in Houston we want to expand our family. We been on a search sperm bank are just to high we only wanna do artificial insemination.

by Taternat » 13 Jun 2018

Are y'all still looking

by kalayman » 16 Jun 2018

My fiancé and I are also looking for donors

by Magzrox » 22 Jun 2018

I really wanna dyi at home with a cup n syringe. Ivf is so expensive n so many tests to qualify

by Bree26 » 12 Sep 2018

I hear you on that me an my wife r looking and we look up at sperm banks and there just too expensive for any one.
Me am my wife r looking for a sperm donor. Were wanting to to a child but if twins runs in the family we b very much appreciate if u wood help us make our dreams come true.

by Bree26 » 13 Sep 2018

Tatemat were still looking

by Bree26 » 13 Sep 2018

Tatemat were still looking

by Blaze77 » 16 Sep 2018

If still looking im willing to meet half way or discuss this later on. Im in wakeeney ks.

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