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    by Tootie2s      .      14 Jan 2018

    We are not really interested in co parenting nor are we interested in intercourse to conceive.

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    We are not really interested in co parenting nor are we interested in intercourse to conceive.

    Ladies, my best friend is called my “lesbian wife” I do have insight as to the passionate family yearning you seek to fill and believe it a beautiful and achievable thing..... unconditional love was taught me by my best friend... while intercourse is not your desire, the question of origin will inevitably come years later, and should at least be from a moment shared with a father who cares enough to give you your desire of motherhood. I’m not trying to manipulate a fantasy threesome , not even if you both seek pregnancy, but would prefer getting to know who I’m giving everything they want, and signing away all rights legally, trusting.

    Will not try to interfere in your relationship, not desire anything but strengthened devotion and trust to come from any allowed shared act. Willing to travel if out of California at your expense and offering natural healthy Federal insinuating and your dream of mothering without worry or interference

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