Lesbian couple looking for sperm donor in USA!

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by cancer23 » 21 Dec 2017

My girlfriend and I are seeking to find a sperm donor who would love to help us out on adding to our family... We currently live in Louisville ky.

by Truepain » 30 Jan 2018

Greetings ladies, first off my name is John , and my best friend of 20 years is referred to as my “lesbian wife” for she is sexuality oriented that way- and has opened so many peoples eyes to misconceptions.
She had plans to have children before her and her wife, separated.
I had offered and prepared to be their natural sperm donor, being I am a father of five, and all healthy and still VERY FERTILE. We had the many discussions and agreed that the future discussion of “who’s my dad” or “where did I come from” would already be a big enough obstacle to a youth, that an explanation of the willingness and unconditional love in the giving of this precious child to them ought to be of a moment shared, not a test tube.
I don’t have any interest in implying a sexual fantasy most males seem to harbor, I am simply offering a natural insemination if that’s what you seek and want. I will also provide family history, and as much info as you desire for future matters, as well I will sign to you all my parental and custodial rights without any reservations. If I need travel to you for such events, you cover travel expenses. You may reach me at +***

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