Lesbian couple looking for NI or AI- NJ willing to travel

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by VannahC » 27 Aug 2020

Hi my wife and I are looking to begin our family. Despite being in a stable financial situation to have a baby, going through a clinic in order to conceive does not seem the best option for us. We would like to take a more intimate route through either trying at home or through natural insemination. My wife has a successful career in Healthcare and I'm currently in process of receiving a degree in Biology while working as a professional dog groomer. We have 3 fur babies that are all good with children. We are in New Jersey, willing to travel to surrounding states or pay for shipping.
If you're interested in having updates on the baby, we are willing to provide.

Thank you

by Rollins » 30 Aug 2020

Hi there, would be interested in helping out. 32 year old, white male, professional, intelligent, athletic. Located in CT. Prefer NI. - JR

by Pandolfo » 30 Aug 2020

Take the PATH train--

Hi, mature, laid-back, partnered gay doc, here. Caucasian, 5'10"/172 lbs, Bk/Br.

Eager for AI papa-hood, for personal satisfaction and estate purposes. Very supportive yet laissez-fare.

I live in NYC, have a great job and a wonderful life. I'm happy, totally healthy, well-off, with good insurance and flexible approach to co-parenting.

Would love to talk. Please message, if interested. Photos on request.

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