Lesbian couple looking for AI sperm donor only in NC

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by softball » 08 Apr 2016

My wife and I want to have a baby and need a sperm donor. We want AI only and are wanting to do this in home. We are keeping it confidential until we know for sure that it works and everything is going great. We want someone willing to terminate all rights and I will have my lawyer draw up all legal papers. There will be no child support ever taken from the donor as we are the parents and will support and raise the child ourselves. We would like someone who can give us all health information on themselves as well as medical history of their family. This is our only chance. We just want a healthy family together.

by rr26 » 10 May 2016

Can I help you with that dream, but will have to accept some conditions, like his father live in another country and having to move to another country to be inseminated.
If you are willing we will continue this dialogue.

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