Lesbian Couple Looking For A Sperm Donor In GA Area

There are very different types of people looking to find a co-parent match in this forum, some looking for high commitment and others looking for partial commitment. You will find homosexual & lesbians co-parenting prospects in the forum.

by TerriF » 16 Jul 2018

Hey I'm Terri, I'm 25 and my fiancee is 24 we're looking for a sperm donor, we can discuss co-parenting because without you this blessing wouldn't be possible and no child shouldn't have to grow up without his/her father. We already have two kids which my fiancee already conceived before she met me. So I'm currently looking to have one of my own and to share a beautiful journey of having a baby with my fiancee. We're looking for a blessing, hopefully someone can bless us!

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