Latina seeking Donor and/or CoParent in Chicago

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by Flower96 » 16 Aug 2016


Looking for Donor/CoParent in the Chicago area. I am interested in Tall Anglo men. I am short and would like my child to have height greater than me!
No need to be involved in child's life, if that is something you require I am more than happy to oblige. AI or NI is fine. Both of us must present recent negative tests for diseases. If NI is what you desire, must get to know each other for a bit. Not seeking a relationship, but I need to feel comfortable. It will require a few tries I am sure.

I've wanted to be a Mother practically my whole adult life. Now is the time. I am surrounded with love and help from family and friends. Our child would never be without love.

No money will be exchanged. I am looking for someone who wants to help, not sell his donation.

Thank you

by samiam56 » 25 Aug 2016

I'm 30 and I make a beautiful baby... If u get me up there

by Chris2294 » 18 Oct 2016

Hey I could help if your still looking

by Hazel33 » 21 Oct 2016

Willing to mail a sample for AI.

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