Kind, SWF Living in California Seeks COParent Situation

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by rubia1 » 19 May 2015

I'm Caucasion, 5'4" blonde, blue eyes, healthy, curvy,intelligent, heterosexual, accomplished, loving, attractive , good group of family and friends, good parenting perspectives, common sense, no alcohol or drug issues, and I would love to have a family and hopefuly a few kids, if possible, but my timing was off and dating in Los Angeles stinks, so I am here looking for a man that was to help and/grow a family.

Born and raised californian, never married and I love children. I would prefer to stay in California but I would be open to relocating if the it were right. I prefer a COParent situation and I am open to variables of what that means to us.

Photos posted: Rubia1 - I reside in Redondo Beach, CA

by Babiez » 22 May 2015

Hi there. My name is Anthony. I live in Central Florida. I'm not sure what type of guy you would interested in conceiving with but I am open for discussion. You can reach me at ***

by Jim2015 » 02 Jun 2015

What kind of co-parenting situation are you looking for?

by edisonb » 18 Apr 2016

I'm in Bay Area CA if you're still looking and want to talk.

by Deputy » 25 Apr 2016

My name is Bill, and am interested in becoming a coparent. Feel free to message me with any questions, and review my profile. Thanks.

by plot12 » 04 Jun 2016

Sounds good to me, however what kind of co parent are you looking for arrangement wise?

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