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Looking for a free sperm donor in India, Singapore, Honk-Kong or any other Asian country? If you are unsure of how to make a sperm donation, use this board - it is yours! Making a sperm donation or finding a free sperm donor is never easy and will depend on local regulation regarding free sperm donor conception in your country.

by leon90 » 18 Aug 2015

Im 25 years old.
Im 171cm. And 74 kg.
Im already graduate.
Im player basketball,tennis,badminton.
I like with music.
I have black hair and black eyes.
Im very happy if i can help you. But please when you succes habe children, can i know my child too. Just want to know and i dont wanna take the child. Just want to make sure my child is fine. Thankyou so much.

by katieLkell » 15 Jan 2016

hello my name is Katie me and my fiance are interested we would like to know if there's a chance we can have a picture of you to get an idea of what our child might look like together. yes we will also be willing to let you know your child as well.

by Katy98 » 01 Jun 2018

Hello, my name is Katy and I am interested. I am 41 years old and want to have a child, but I think for the best interest of the child is to know his parents and to be loved. Where are you? I live in European country, but also can travel.

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