I'm New. Need Help: Questions to Ask Potential CoParent

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by SunRai » 10 Feb 2018

Hello All! I'm new to this world and want to make sure I'm not led on, scammed, or played. What questions should I ask a potential donor or coparent in regard to health, seriousness, and all other matters? I know one can never fully protect herself, but I believe in learning from others and supporting each other along this journey. I welcome all advice. Thank you tons in advance.

by Tata2003 » 14 Feb 2018

I would like to learn more about this too!

by Indiigo » 25 Feb 2018

Hello there.
Firstly, insist on recent test results (both blood and urine) for STIs. A promise to do so or old results are as good as no results.
Try to avoid NI as you expose yourself to catching genital warts and/or herpes if you are unlucky.

by SunRai » 28 Feb 2018

Thank you for your reply and insight, Dave. I never thought to request both blood and urine results. How recent should the results be? Within a month? A week? Thank you tons!

by Indiigo » 03 Mar 2018

There's a lot of faith and trust involved.
A guy may be rooting (Australian slang, I'm sure you get the drift...) himself silly every night with different women therefore those blood/urine tests from 3 weeks before are null and void.
It's best to get someone a little older (ie is not still 'in the game'). They still produce good healthy sperm, but aren't sexually active, or at least not like they used to be.
If someone hasn't had sex since their results from 6 months ago, fine. If they have, then all bets are off and they should get fresh tests.
It's your body that is going to receive that sperm. It's not too much of an impost to ensure it is clean and healthy before you stick it in (whether naturally or syringe).

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