I am a sperm donor can ship anywhere in the US

There are very different types of people looking to find a co-parent match in this forum, some looking for high commitment and others looking for partial commitment. You will find homosexual & lesbians co-parenting prospects in the forum.

by jackson1 » 16 Jun 2017

I have frozen vials available that I can ship anywhere in the US. You can also travel to me.

I'm decently smart and not too bad looking. STD free. Healthy and mentally stable.

I've helped a number of families expand and I'm happy to help more.

Message me for more info and any questions.

by Danaandj » 06 Jul 2017

Let me get some......

by brownma » 10 Jul 2017

are you able to ship to Australia?

by Reyna121 » 15 Jul 2017

Please get back with me. Me and my wife are looking to grow on our family. We have one son already. Please help

by Reyna121 » 15 Jul 2017

Please get back with me. Me and my wife are looking to grow on our family. We have one son already. Please help

by Rainz » 16 Jul 2017

Would like to talk

by Terra19 » 16 Jul 2017

Would like to talk to you about helping me and my fiance start a family

by kham617 » 27 Jul 2017

Please message me back as soon as you can! Thanks.

by Galvan17 » 01 Aug 2017

Hi! My wife and I are looking to start a family! We would love to talk to you! We are fairly new to this whole thing but can't wait to start a little family of our own! Thank you!

by Onlyborn » 04 Aug 2017

I am looking for a donor between now and the 16th of August will you help me

by Eobranna » 04 Sep 2017

I am interested in having you ship your sperm to me in New
Mexico. My wife and I have been married a little over a year but together for 14 years and are excited to grow our family. please reply if you are still willing to help
Thank you

by ariboo21 » 04 Sep 2017

Hello, I am very very interested in you being a donor to my wife and i's baby. If you could please contact me, pm me or what have you, I would not be opposed to talk if you are still willing to help, thank you (:

by angie072 » 09 Sep 2017


How are you? I would be interested in learning more about you. Hit me up!



by angie072 » 10 Sep 2017


I would be interested. Can you send me a message please.

by ShyBlond » 10 Sep 2017

Very interested I live in CA. accounting pending and when im available ill write you.

by angie072 » 10 Sep 2017


do you have any more vials? I would interested in speaking further. Please leave a message or leave a message under here.


by Tamany62 » 11 Sep 2017

Will you ship to Texas?

by Tamany62 » 11 Sep 2017

Will you ship to Texas?

by Cherone » 19 Oct 2017

Hello my wife & i are interested. We will like to add another bundle of joy to are family. Please if interested reply back. Thanks in advance.

by KayNFri » 21 Oct 2017

i am interested in getting to know. contact me if you are able to help me and my girl have the bundle of joy we need to complete us we been together going on 5yrs. we are ready for a baby in our life

by HeartsL » 02 Nov 2017

I'm single my name is lacey I'm from Savannah GA but I live in Wichita KS. I looking for a donor because I want to have a child of My own I suffer from stage 5 endometrosis and pcos since I was age 10 I was told at age 14 I need a hysterectomy but I have been suffering the pain all my life and under going different sugerys to prevent having one because I want a child of my own and be a mother and now I'm at My last I am on an emergency list to have one plzzz help would u be willing to ship here!!??

by Rora82 » 04 Dec 2017

Please PM me I'd like more info!

by Buckcos0 » 27 Dec 2017

Are you allow to ship to Ohio? My wife and i are very interested. We are looking to expand our family.

by whit0721 » 11 Jan 2018

im very interested in talking to you more about helping me abd my partner expand our family!

by Irunwirh » 11 Jan 2019

Hello, do you ship to Washington? I am a single woman who has always dreamed of having a baby of her own but not a lot of options where I live so...I hope to get in contact with you and start growing my family....


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