I am a sperm donor available in Montreal, Quebec/Canada

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by Tetris » 15 Aug 2020


Are there any women looking for a sperm donor around the Montreal region ?
I am mainly interested in being a donor. Not looking for co-parenting for now.

I am Caucasian of Eastern European decent, I have green eyes and goldish brown hair. My father has blue eyes and my mother has green eyes. I am 6 feet tall and I currently weight 175lbs. I never did drugs, never smoked, never drank alcohol and I don't even drink coffee believe it or not.

I have pictures of me on my profile.

by Yomsky » 02 Sep 2020

Will you be willing to donate your sperm to me? I am an African descent, I live in Montreal. Thanks

by Flower26 » 09 Sep 2020

Hi there

I’d like to have a quick chat with you if you’re still interested. I’m I’m a black woman based in Toronto but often travel close to the Mtl region.

by nairpi » 23 Sep 2020

Hi Tetris

We are a couple and we are interested in your offer.
We need the sperm in about two weeks from now and not just a shot, but two, in about two days interval, just to increase the chances
Hope you will consider our request
Of course rewards are considered


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