High qualited sperm from a professional athlete

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by Athlete9 » 10 Feb 2018

Hi there

I think the biggest reason why i am here is to help. Help all of you with my good genetics to have a healthy child and give you happiness for the future.

I live in Europe BUT i can send you my sperms all over the world within few days in frozen condition. (Yes, that works with success) :-)

I am a very helpful and social person. Every time i must help for other people, like the same here and now.

I am a professional athlete, a healthy sportsman with high leveled certificates from schools.
I am playing handball and doing martial arts and working out in the gym, daily.

I am fit and motivated in every single day, not deepressed. I am a very lucky and funny person. I dont have any illnesses, i dont have genetic problems (for example hearth, lung, liver, blood.... problems).
I dont have any allergy or food allergy. I am not agressive or antisocial, and never been in prison or jail.

I am a social and friendly person. I love eating healthy foods, read books, enjoy the nature and training a lot. I love animals and i love travelling in all over the World. I love different cultures and places, different dishes.

I never smoke and i do not drink. I never used drugs and i do not eat medicines.

I have brown hair and my eyes are brown with a few green.

I am 180 cm tall and 87 kg. I have white skin, but almost look like a mediterran. I got nice muscles.

I think i can be a good choice to have a baby from a healthy sports man.

It Doesnt matter if you are european, asian, african or latin american... :-) i can quarantee a good quality for you.

If you want to choose me, you can write me a mail because i cant see the messages in this site.


So we can talk there to each other. After all i have all of health tests (sperm, blood, drug, hiv, hepatitis, etc.) that you will need for the healthy baby.

by Shanel89 » 12 Feb 2018

Hello my name is shanel and I want to use u for me and my wife!

by Jen88mom » 04 Aug 2018

Are you still willing to help families? I want a baby so bad. I’d love to talk but idk how to message. I’m looking for donor this month if possible. Could I see a picture? Have you ever helped anyone else concierge?

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