Heterosexual single woman needs heterosexual co-parent.

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by Mom4eva » 15 Feb 2018

Looking for a warm charming man who loves reading, arts and craft, fishing, basically the things i dont like lol. Am trying to get a balanced kid. Good genes. Low instances if heredity diseases in his family blood line ( i have a few....again he should basically be the opposite of me on certain things lol). Should really be excited abt the prospect of a child. Should avail himself for the 9 months process, doc visit etc. Yes doctor visits. Thats the first stage of watching the child grow. And yes u guessed it, delivery room. Feel free to pass out, i wont hold it against you. He should be funny and loving in actions and words. Oh, he should be open to being my friend. I think it will work better if we could be really good friends atleast. Oh loves laughing.

by Atllife » 20 Feb 2018

Hey, do you have messaging? Im interested in talking with you.

by JeffreyB » 24 Feb 2018

I would be so happy to make this accommodation for you, and I agree, should be friends

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