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by AngelC20 » 13 Oct 2019

Hello, I have been wanting to become a mother since I was young, but I don't really want a relationship, but it's very important for me that the father of my children be in their lives. please only respond if you are serious and are ready

by Rfowler8 » 20 Oct 2019

Hey my name is Roger. I'm looking for exactly what you are, well the opposite lol. Write me back and we can chat..

by lokeydan » 31 Oct 2019

I live in San Diego.. Could we meet?

by Pdstinem » 03 Nov 2019

That's all you have?

by Docjock » 04 Nov 2019

Hi! I think would be a match. If you are seriously interested let me know.

by Miracle » 07 Nov 2019

Hello,I'm a beautiful loving women who is looking to co parent with a black male and have some good looking kids and rise them right together

by goltokka » 08 Nov 2019

Do you mind a black man?

by OswaldMc » 11 Nov 2019

Hello Is there a chance I can give you my sperms?

by Jjmungui » 13 Nov 2019

I will have to say " I'm interested " .

by Patrikk2 » 16 Nov 2019

Hi I am a black man in New York and I would be happy to help you create a beautiful child

by willymix » 18 Jan 2020

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