Hello, looking to donate sperm to anyone needing, GTA ontari

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by duffy198 » 11 Jul 2011

Hi, I am looking to donate seman. I am willing to help anyone interested. I am 30, 5'6, brown hair, blue eyes, 150 lbs, caucasian, witha great personality. I have a desire to leave a peice of me in this world. I have no children of my own and hope that I can help someones elses dream come through. You can contact be at ********** if you have any further inquiries. Thanks. Paul

by samie002 » 29 Jan 2016

Hi there I'm looking for a donor plz message me back

by SharkieS » 26 Mar 2016

Very interested to talk with you please message me back

by Tizi1987 » 04 Aug 2016

Hi very interested plz contact me back

by Peony » 04 Aug 2016

Hello Paul,

I would loved to be mother. Please contact me .


by Loveless » 13 Oct 2016

I'm very interested and your genes sound perfect for a little baby please message me

by LWS2015 » 02 Nov 2016

samie002 been trying to message you.Maybe you're not on here or looking any more,but if you are,please get in touch with me.

by Kaylea22 » 20 Nov 2016

I am very interested, please message me.

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