Healthy donor available in Alberta

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by Danym » 01 Aug 2020

Hello there

I am a white male, 40 years old with a beautiful daughter.
I am located in Calgary and willing to donate.
I am educated, clean, active and healthy.

If you are interested please comment or message me.

You must be financially okay to support the baby. I am not interested to co-parenting or take any responsibility. It’s anonymous donation

by JennyP75 » 12 Aug 2020

I am very interested in a donor. I am financially stable professional female. I live in Kelowna and willing to travel as much as it takes to make this work. Please message me if you are interested.

by JAZZED » 15 Aug 2020

Hello my fiance and I are looking for a supermarket donor located in Calgary to grow our family. We have a two year old already. Financially stable.
Let me know if interested, thank you

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