Has anyone had success?

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by Misskati » 21 Apr 2020

Lots of posts on here but not a lot of people posting about six hours. Really hoping to get pregnant as soon as possible!, I’m open to multiple donors, and I’m interested in hearing from people that I’ve had success stories

by ClwGuy » 24 Apr 2020

I too am interested in hearing of success. I have not had any luck with anything related to this idea. There are more guys than woman so i am outnumbered.

by Misskati » 25 Apr 2020

Right? I’m looking for a man ideally has had lots of success impregnating other women. Looking for multiple donors so I can have decent odds for success. Ideal situation would be NI.

by Jajone » 25 Apr 2020

There’s not a lot of “thank you” or success stories! You’re right!

by Teddy100 » 26 Apr 2020

Hi misskati i totally understand im a sperm donor located in florida i would love to be at some assistance just let me know how i can help are u willing to travel?

by Babyevol » 15 May 2020

It would be nice to know if people are getting results using this site

by KING65 » 15 May 2020

I am indian, in maryland USA willing to co parent.

by Elchrd » 15 May 2020

Same here, a lot people that want the same thing but theirs no talking. I been on other similar apps and same thing. You message them and they dont reply.

by Simply92 » 19 May 2020

I'm new. What does NI and AI mean? PI?

by TristanS » 13 Jun 2020

I have had multiple successes with 3 children born and 3 women currently pregnant. Semen analysis showed I have 335,000,000 sperm so it's easyfor me

by Torsha93 » 29 Jun 2020

@TristanS can we try ive always wanted to be a mother

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