Has anyone had any luck with this site?

Looking for a US sperm donor, or want to be a sperm donor yourself? Then you might wonder whether you should get help from a sperm bank. Yet going to a sperm bank may feel safer, both for the sperm donor and the future parent(s). There is no best way to search in the USA.

by DonnanB » 16 Sep 2010

Hello- I am new to this site and also new to the concept of trying to find a sperm donor. We are hoping to avoid the large fees associated with sperm banks and IUI/IVF and hope to find a healthy, kind, intelligent and friendly sperm donor to aid us in our quest to become parents. So far, we have only gotten responses from men in Europe, when our profile clearly says that we live in the US. Has anyone made any good connections on this site and conceived successfully? Can you recommend other sites that might improve our odds of finding someone quickly, who is not just looking for sex?
Much love and support to everyone else out there struggling to become a parent...and lots of baby dust!

Donna and Bob

by Janae » 01 Oct 2010

I'm new to the site but so far it looks like it gets little use as on average there are only 30 members online at a time. If you look at the web Stats page there are only 1801 users in the US and my guest based on browing through existing profiles is that most are free users (e.g. created a profile but not actual members).

I too got a response from overseas (France), but my preference is US. I'm can't see how someone can consider themselves able to be an active co-parent when they live on the other side of the world? Go figure :?

I like the intention of this site, hopefully it will pick-up its US membership and the actual activity.

Give it sometime and good luck with your search.

by DonnanB » 20 Oct 2010

I have been having some communications back and forth and we plan to meet with a donor next month for our first try and insemination.
One of the main blocks I have found with the potential donors is lack of information and preparedness. When I ask the usual questions about family health history, nationality and STD testing, many men have done little to no research. If you are really serious about this, take the time to wrtie out a short biography about yourself so that couples can learn about any possible traits or issues that may show up in the kids.
Plus, we are taking your body fluid into our bodies. If you have not had a recent STD screening and HIV/AIDS test, that is a definate turn off.
Another hot issue is travel; if you live far away from your intended recipient and you contact them, understand that you may be asked to share in travel expenses to meet up for the insemination. Timing a woman's ovulation cycle is not an exact science and sometimes plane tickets have to be purchased with around a week's notice. It is very hard to get good price deals with so little timing! anything you can do to help ease this burden is appreciated. If you can free up your schedule so you can travel, it would be greatly appreciated.
Please do your homework and be prepared; this is not a "hook up" site; this site if for loving couples who need help in making a baby. Thanks in advance for your help and understanding!

by Dasha » 24 Oct 2010

I too an new to this site, joined hoping to make a connection for sperm donation. I too, received a response from France, yeah I dont get that either....Looking locally for a co-parenting situation. This is the only site I could find specifically for co-parenting, Best to you all!

by victori » 18 Apr 2011

I just started on this site too. New to this whole process. Can you give some pointers. the std testing is this picked up by insurance and a normal test during a health exam? How about genetic testing...what good labs would you recommend? How expensive and what kind of tests should I require and who pays? I have thought about getting background and credit checks done when I find a real potential "one" want to make sure they are for real any other checks or testing you would recommend?

by fathero » 21 May 2011

Hi, I'm blond, blue eyes, nine children and four ongoing pregnancies. I am 1.5 hour drive west of DC/Baltimore. My possible involvement with child might be semiannual visits. I travel for NI, or provide AI locally, or I ship at recipient's expense. I look forward to contact from any women who are serious about getting pregnant. Please contact me to exchange pics and discuss details. Thanks!

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