Half Japanese Half German Donor in Japan

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by Sam30 » 13 Nov 2019

I'm 27 years of age, Gemini.
Bilingual (English & Japanese)

America-born/Singapore raised, of mixed heritage ( half Japanese/German). College (Masters) student.
I've light brown coloured eyes, naturally curly hair, well defined muscles, 5'8 tall. Oh and I have naturally straight/even teeth!

I don't drink or smoke nor use drugs. No STIs or genetic diseases or health issues.
In terms of education, the highest level I've attained is undergraduate and as of now i am attending Masters.

In regards to my reasons in being a donor, it is both to help others who need it and personal in the sense that I hate the thought of departing without leaving a part of me behind to continue and contribute to the human race.

Although I am open minded in terms of co-parenting, my primary intention is to be a donor and I will respect the wishes if someone wants no further contact.

Please don't hesitate to message me (Sam30) if you have any question.

Warm regards

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