Gifted, Tall male looking to CoParent.

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by plot12 » 03 Jun 2016

I am a single white male. Gifted verbal IQ in 140-145 range.
I am looking to co-parent with a women in CA area or nearby CA.
I am 5'11 height, 155pounds. Mid Twenties in age.I have Beautiful Hazel eyes, with curly dark brown hair.
I am a kind, loyal as well as tenacious individual,. Family is very important to me, and I feel that I have much love to give.

Reply to this thread if interested or shoot me a message.
SIDENOTE: i am not a member yet but i am planning on becoming one soon. :)

by Hopiies » 09 Oct 2016

I'm not a member yet either I do plan on becoming one when i have the chance to. are you still looking for a partner i am black and german i hope you aren't looking for a particular race. i have dark brownish hair, brown eyes, I'm 5'3 i weigh 98lbs and i have 7 sisters and brothers. twins run in my family because I'm a twin myself my parents had twins back to back but their first pair didn't make it. I'm 21 and I'm outgoing I'm also family orientated and i have a lot of love to give. :)

by Countryl » 23 Oct 2016

I would like to chat with you message me when you become a member.

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