Georgia Donor Needed

Looking for a US sperm donor, or want to be a sperm donor yourself? Then you might wonder whether you should get help from a sperm bank. Yet going to a sperm bank may feel safer, both for the sperm donor and the future parent(s). There is no best way to search in the USA.

by Amaerah » 01 Dec 2017

Looking for sperm donor in Georgia. No co-parent, donor only. Must be able to provide medical history.

by rs30501 » 08 Dec 2017

I am a donor from Northeast Georgia and have a beautiful daughter from a female that I helped aide with pregnancy previously. If you can find my profile on this site, I have a photo of both me and my daughter. I am a light-skinned, African-American, mixed with Spanish, Cherokee Indian and Caucasian. If interested and any questions, feel free to contact me or give me a way of contacting you. Thank you.

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