gay man looking for a female coparent

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by Neeve » 11 Jul 2017

I'm 30 YO gay man, and I want to start a family with a female co-parent. I don't have a problem with marriage for the sake of raising a family. I work from home so I'm willing to relocate.

I have a bad gene, so PGD is important, but there's no need to worry about paying for that. It's all covered.

I'd like us to save and invest money for each one of our future children and to give the money to them once they reach adulthood. We'd have them privately insured. I have a big, supportive family, so if something bad happens there's always help.

As for religion, I'm ethnically Jewish, but I don't practice any religion. In fact I'm an atheist, but I really love holidays and family gatherings.

That's it for now. Contact me if you find my offer appealing.

by Jewel89 » 17 Jul 2017

Hi. I am a single female no children. I am very creative and I do a lot of sewing and fashion design. I knit and I crochet as well. I would not mind if my child was gay also. I also have dated gay men in the past. I would never discriminate against a gay person. Let me know if you are still interested??? :)

by Cappy » 18 Jul 2017

Hi Neeve,
My name is Sarah and I read what you wrote. I am what they call "geriatric maternal age" (lol, really flattering, right?) I'm 40 and I have a 2 year old and want another child to be a sibling to my son. I was coupled with his father but we were never married, and have now parted to coparent. I had considered using my ex as a donor for a second child, but I have decided against it for various reasons. I live between coastal Ma and coastal Ga, and I really liked that you had flexibility with location. I am financially and emotionally stable, and I want to have another baby while I still have time.
What genetic problem are you referring to, if you don't mind me asking? Also, are you in a partnership? If you got married to a man that you wanted to have a family with, do you predict that you would want more time with the hypothetical child?


by Eva22 » 18 Jul 2017

hi , please text me
my nick name Eva22

by Kendra28 » 13 Oct 2017

Hi Neeve

I'm a 28 year old single female and would be open to what you suggested. I am open minded and a naturally kind hearted person , very family oriented, and although I'm young and have no kids yet I have been told I'd make a great mom because I'm already like a mom to friends and coworkers :P . I'm in PA......would you be interesting in talking?

by Quinn11 » 26 Oct 2019

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