Gay Man in SF, CA looking for co-parent(s)

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by rrsf » 21 Aug 2017

Gay man, masculine, athletic looking to father and raise a child though co-parenting. I'm kind, attractive, high IQ, successful, etc.

I have experience raising a child having raised my nephew since age 10. I deeply want a child of my own.

I'm looking for someone in or very near San Francisco, CA only. I'm not interested in sperm donation with limited parental rights. I would prefer the mother to be fully involved 50/50 but open to other situations.

Lesbian couples are totally fine and sharing 33/33/33 with legal rights for your partner is totally fine with me. Honestly that was the situation I assumed I'd get into eventually but unfortunately that hasn't just come about.

So... here I am.

by angaly » 25 Aug 2017


I would love to talk. I live in Oakland.


by rrsf » 28 Aug 2017

Hi. I sent you a message. Its not entirely clear that it was sent though. Let me know here if you didn't get it.

by ForRoses » 15 Sep 2017

I'm a bit out of your area but would be happy to discuss possibilities if you're interested.

by TrulyMe » 14 Nov 2017

Hey I am a lesbian and you had said you donate sperm. Would that be possible and not Co parent ?

by optemist » 27 Sep 2018

I live in SF, and would be open to chatting about this. Please message me.

by Rojabut » 04 Oct 2018

Hello I’m from the Bay Area. Please email me ***

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