Gay Couple in Los Angeles California

There are very different types of people looking to find a co-parent match in this forum, some looking for high commitment and others looking for partial commitment. You will find homosexual & lesbians co-parenting prospects in the forum.

by vieyra » 27 Jan 2015


My name is Al and my partner of 7 years is Richard. We are interested in co parenting with a lesbian couple in the Los Angeles area.

If this is something you would consider please email us and I will get back to you so we can figure out if this will work for both couples.

Thanks for reading!


by QueenBea » 13 Dec 2015

Wish you guys were in DC. Good luck with your search!

by Ophelia1 » 09 Oct 2016

This is a really old post...but thought I'd see if you were still looking. Straight single woman however...

by Caliken » 10 Jan 2017

Hi, Are you still searching ? Lesbian from UK looking to have a baby co parent.

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