FTM and Cis Female looking for sperm donor

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by MrsHaycr » 19 Jul 2020

Hi there! I'm a cis female engaged to a transman. My profile already includes the whole spiel cause I have no clue what I am doing at this point. I am 30 and looking to get pregant via AI sometime between September and December. We want a second child down the line, but it is fine if it is not the same donor.

Specifically I want the donor to have similar characteristics as my fiance. So, brown hair, brown/hazel eyes, and European decent. My fiance burns very easily in the sun, but also can tan quite nicely. This feature would be nice, but it is not required.

I have a doctor's appointment in September to start discussing my plan of getting pregnant. Until then, I am hoping to find a free donor that will be available after that time.

by Haycraft » 20 Jul 2020

I forgot to add that I am in Minnesota.

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