Fit educated bright Canadian caucasian M to coparent/ donate

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by Bford » 29 Apr 2018

I’m a Caucasian man looking for a woman of any race for co-parenting or possible donation.
I am stable, healthy, fit, highly educated, progressive and a professional.
You might find only a few here with higher academic achievement and not many with a good combination of that with active health and fitness. I live in Canada and can travel.
I would make a cooperative donor or co-parent for you.
Please include your profile name and read on for more detail…
I have four degrees with excellent marks and qualified for the Mensa high IQ society as a child. I am a professional working in the same organization over 10 years and over 15 in my profession. I speak French and basic Spanish and a few words of Chinese and German. I have dreamed of a child speaking two or more language fluently to benefit their personal and work lives.
I have blond hair with blue eyes and a somewhat athletic build. I’m 5’10.5 ;). I lead a balanced life with humour, enjoyment and worthwhile work. No drama.
I am in excellent health, with no history of disease or drugs. I can show that with many documents, including a recent sperm test. I am a non-smoker, social drinker and take no drugs of any kind.
I have completed a marathon but went to city finals in high school in high jump, long jump and 100m. I know of no genetic issue in my family and my DNA test indicated nothing. I am a blood donor and they check my blood for a few things too. I would submit to other health tests. I have naturally straight teeth and am above average in looks but no model. I would also help make a cute girl as I was slim, with a cute face and sometimes with long blond hair as a child.
My genes have helped me to be healthy, bright, fit and active. I am likely to pass on those traits.
I enjoy the arts and have travelled to many places including Western Europe, Central America and China. I enjoy spending time with children and serve on the board of a non-profit social service agency serving families and children.
I look forward to learning more about your hopes and plans in a reply message. I thank you for reading.

by Paola212 » 06 May 2018

I have been contemplating the possibility of becoming a mother unfortunately I am getting too old to keep on waiting for the right man I will like to find a donor to be able to become a mother I am std free there is not significant problem in my family other than diabetes let me know if you have any questions for me

by explore8 » 04 Feb 2019

I am a caucasian woman living in s. Korea at the moment and looking for a sperm donor. Your description fits my search criteria and I would love to get to know you a bit more and find out if you would be willing to donate.

Kind regards

by TaraElm » 08 Feb 2019

Thank you for your post. I am interested in speaking to you in private. My profile should be validated soon, and my picture will be available, TaraElm. I am most interested in your love of languages and active lifestyle. I currently ski in Utah. I have a rare genetic disorder and have not seen the traits expressed in any of my immediate or extended family members. I am happy to be tested thoroughly once the time is right.

by Sara77 » 15 Aug 2019

A 41-years-old Non-Religious Arab woman. I am looking for Caucasian man healthy, strong, smart to have baby together. I can come to live in Canada. Can you contact with me?

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