Female Looking for Male Co-Parent on West Coast

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by Mom128 » 23 Dec 2013


I am new to this site (just joined today). I am a female in Washington state, looking for a man to co-parent with. If you are interested, please *reply to this post on the forum* here, and then I will write back with more info about me, contact details, etc.

Thanks! :)

by loobaby » 31 Dec 2013

I am also from Washington State and would like to talk with you about getting pregnant. I am new to this and don't know how to give you info on contacting me. If you have any questions just let me know

by Mom128 » 03 Jan 2014

Hi loobaby,

Sure, I would be happy to talk. What is your email address?

Looking forward to getting to know you a bit more!

by Mom128 » 06 Jan 2014


Thanks for the reply. I just wanted to be clear though: in looking at your profile, I see that you are in Florida. I am in Seattle, though I travel frequently to California. Are you looking just to be a sperm donor? I am actually looking for a co-parent. I don't mind you living in Florida at all, but I would want the children to live with me, and would be more than happy to have you come visit as often as you would like! Also, would you be open to having more than one child? I would like more than one, and I would want them all to have the same father.

Just a few things I thought we should get out of the way before chatting further! :)

by loobaby » 07 Jan 2014

Hi there and thanks for the replie. My phone # is***. I would loike to talk to you

by GENT1 » 17 Feb 2014

Mom hi,

I am interested in talking to you. Feel free to look over my profile. If you are interested , kindly email me or write back here on this thread. Thank you.
Gent 1

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