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by Eejeoma » 11 Mar 2019

I live in MD, but don't mind a co parent or just donor from any part of the country.
I have to start insemination very soon.
Please let's talk.

by PAguy » 13 Mar 2019

Hey, I'm in PA and would be interested in co-parenting. Feel free to message me to talk more about it

by RSanteli » 15 Mar 2019

Hi there, I'm eager to be a sperm donor.

by Murali12 » 16 Mar 2019

Interested in

by Davidj » 25 Mar 2019

I live in Eugene oregon looking for a co parent or sperm donor I'm 42 and have raised my special needs child myself he's 9

by Djolly » 21 Jun 2019


Single black bisexual male in MD looking for co parenting situation.. can we talk more8

by willymix » 18 Jan 2020

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