Female in California Bay area looking for Co-parent

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by ilyse » 26 Apr 2017

Hello world,
I am looking for a co-parent, not a sperm donor, in the SF bay area between the ages of 29-39, who would like to join me in the adventure of a life time-raising a child. I am open to how this relationship can work. 50/50 or less, but would like to have any of my future children KNOW who their father is.

I am active, intelligent, and have experience with children. I believe in free range parenting, and this philosophy is important for me. I want my children to be able to interact with the world and to learn from their own mistakes. This doesn't mean that I won't guide them, it just means I will not be hovering over them 24/7.

I am looking for someone who is calm, happy, and adventurous. In the perfect world, we would be able to do some things as a "family" so I think common interests are important.

If interested, please let me know what you are looking for and we can go from there.

Have a good day

by Bedad1 » 01 May 2017

It looks like we are looking for the same, talk?

by youme32b » 25 Apr 2018

i live in northern cali im a personal trainer and life coach ive lived in the bay area for many years of my life in the past id like to chat and see what we can come up with please get back to me

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