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by Mellon » 10 Oct 2017

I am girl from Russia and decided to write here my version of co parenting.
I am healthy, educated and have friends and boyfriend.
He doesn't want baby at all, so I decided to find somebody who wants.
Perfect situation - man (doesn't matter homo or heterosexuals or couple) wants a baby. We are leaving not far away from each other in a nice region. I am ready to move now or may be co parent move. We cooperate about close leaving, days and holidays with baby and all other time and territorial things.
I am middle class and I think it's ok. I am ready to love child and take care. I will give you Christmas and east and i am ready to see you on new year :)

by Jesus88 » 11 Oct 2017

Hey im jesus88 look at my profile and we could do this coparent

by Jesus88 » 11 Oct 2017

Hey look at my profile and i would be glad to be co-parenting

by Natesj23 » 24 Nov 2017

Hey i would like to chat.

by vox9027 » 25 Nov 2017

I am interested but i have no financial support ability.

by vo9027 » 26 Nov 2017

i am interested

by vo9027 » 27 Nov 2017

i can gladly give you my sperm and be a coparent with you.

by youme32b » 25 Apr 2018

we should chat i live in california i also have a girlfriend who cant have kids anymore but has her own and we are looking for a way for me to be able to have one of my own with a co parent

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