European woman living in the US is looking for a co-parent

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by Sofies » 26 Feb 2017

Hello Everyone,

I am in search for a male (preferably Caucasian or Mixed with Caucasian) who would like to become a father and co-parent a child with me. I am not asking for the support or to live with me. The reason of co-parenting, as I would like my child to have a full family rather just me and my side of a family which is rather small. Currently, I am located in Cincinnati area though willing to locate to a few cities- SF, Chicago, D.C. and a few other. My field is psychology and I have a tremendous experience with raising children.

My clock is ticking- I am 42 years old and will be 43 in September. Therefore, I have decided to go this route, as it's becoming more popular. Most of my friends support my decision.

I have a few degrees, hence prefer someone to have at least a Bachelor's and hunger for knowledge and curiosity. I would like to meet someone who speaks another language and has traveled a bit. Someone who is cultural and artistic (hopefully).

We will discuss the details of the co-parenting later.

Lastly, I am only willing to conceive a child the AI--please, spare your time and don't send me requests or emails, if any of these don't fit what I am looking for.

by blacafro » 06 Mar 2017

If only you seek an Africa that resides in Chicago I would be your ideal man

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