European professor looking to become father in Asia

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by JohnArt » 21 Nov 2016

Dear Unknown Woman,
There is some information on my profile: JohnArt
I am looking to become a father in Asia, Japan, Korea, China, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia...
There are many reasons that people look for a parent here. I don't investigate it too much.
I think that I could find here a person, who is trustworthy and a very good candidate for a mother.
I am the father of 4 children, 2 girls and 2 boys. It happens that all of them are white and blond.
Three of them inherited my blue-green-marine eyes.
I have blood of the group 0Rh- (Zero Rh minus), so perhaps it is because it was relatively easy to conceive children.
I am 175 cm and 75 kg.
I am a professor at a small university.
But unfortunately I am not rich, so there is no chance of inheriting anything after my death...
And rather there are small chance for any financial support...
I speak 6 languages, I may learn a new one if it is needed.
I have always thought of learning Chinese, Japanese, Korean or Bahasa.
I You want we may talk French, instead of English.
I am less fluent in German and Spanish.
I can play guitar and I can sing.
I would think about rather a romantic relationship.
If You want, I may be an unknown father.
But if You want I might somehow participate in parenting.
If You insist, I may give the child my family name or my european nationality.
No pressure, there are ways of compromise.
Any questions, please write.
with best regards
John Arthur

by Joicee » 01 Feb 2017

Helo , im from indonesia . Im looking husband to give me a child . In my country it cant sprem donor . But its oke if you want life in indonesia . Maybe we can chat to know each other seriously

Thank you.

by Dia79 » 04 Jun 2017

Would be great to meet up and talk further. Are you still looking?

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