East coast ginger for donation on your terms.

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by LukaRam » 28 Jan 2018

Halifax based, willing to travel as far as Ontario to help. (Relatives there I can stay with who I always welcome an excuse to go see).
You set the tone and process. I’m here to help. NI or AI, whichever feels most comfortable as a way to start your family.

by TLM7668 » 16 Nov 2018

Hello lukaram... my name is Tara and have never had children and am at a point in my life where I finally feel I’m ready to have a child with the right person to be the father though I must admit if I didn’t find my partner I would still be doing this as I’m ready more than ever and want this more than anything in the world! Let’s talk! I’m open to all options and would like to get to know you better! Take care, Tara...

by mljp535 » 06 Dec 2018

We are looking for a private donor on the east coast for AI, would love to talk about how this could work.

by Donerkb » 30 Jan 2019

Hello we are a same sex female couple looking for a doner in ontario :) My partner is a ginger also :)

by Yeahashl » 02 Feb 2019

Not sure how to send a message but I'm interested in speaking to you more :)

by Boomer18 » 16 Apr 2019

Hey we are a same sex couple , looking for AI sperm . It would be a no contact , please message me if you are interested in helping us . We are on the east coast

by Maritime » 06 Feb 2020

Hello... I’m in Halifax and would be interested in talking. Not sure how this works, let me know if you’d be interested in helping.

by Andreamo » 07 Feb 2020

I'm interested in finding a sperm donor in the area. Anyone still on here willing?

by Ahrents » 10 Feb 2020

Whatever is closest to Indiana, I’m interested. My husband and I can’t have children of our own however I am able too do we want to do artificial insemination.

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