Donor6'4", Athletic, brown hair, green eyes, master's degree

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by evergree » 25 Apr 2017

Hello! I want to help people who want to have children. I am open to no contact donation or some form of co-parenting. I know it can be difficult to find good donors so I would like to help.

I am well educated and come from a good family. I have a masters degree (both of my parents have masters degrees). I am 6'4", brown hair and bright green eyes. I have always been thin and fit (my parents are the same). I do not smoke, drink, or do drugs (my only addiction is coffee). I have a French, English and Sicilian ethnic background. I love art, philosophy, and science. I was a professional photographer, owned my own business and now work as an electrician. People in my family have varying interests and do very well at each of them.

I live in Victoria. I'm looking forward to hearing form you.

by Noelle33 » 26 Apr 2017

You sound perfect! I am looking for a donor. Please contact me so we can discuss in further detail...

by Moorem6 » 28 Apr 2017

I would like to talk to you get back to me thanks

by Katharay » 04 May 2017

Hey my partner are looking for a donor. We're interested in talking with you more please contact us.

by baby356 » 29 May 2017

I am looking for a sperm donor to have some contact with the child and am interested in your profile
Please get back to me so we can chat more

by Prunelle » 31 May 2017

Mon mari et moi cherchons un donneur sur l'ile de Montréal ou autour. Si vous le faites toujours pouvez-vous nous contacter Svp ?

by Lotus77 » 01 Jun 2017

Hello there. I also would be very interested in your possible assistance. I've been strongly considering migrating north into Canada. I'm currently in California (SF Bay Area). I'm ethnically a true mutt. Some might consider that offensive but I'm actually content with it and like my own diverse multi cultural background. Technically I would be a mixture of Irish, Scottish/Welsh, Scandinavian ties melded with Native American and South American (Chile/Peru). I have green eyes. I too have dabbled in the art of photography. It's one of my favorite mediums. I'm rather cerebral. Science oriented. I've had a few missteps along the way that led me to head in this direction. Basically a few costly investments that I kept my end up but the other party decided not to and I no longer have the luxury to wait around and just "hope" it happens. I've gone from wanting to share the experience with a partner to I just want the experience for myself so aside from getting the ingredients going that are needed, I'm wanting it more just for myself at this point. I spent years working and caring for all kinds of animals in the veterinary field as well as many years watching over many others little ones. I would be happy to share my other social media to see more of what I am about. My goal is simply to have at least one of my own offspring as healthy as possible. ❤️I hope to hear back from you. I'm new to this site so I'm not familiar yet with all its inner workings.

by midget » 04 Jun 2017

You sound awesome Id love to have you message me pls. Id love to ask more questions. I grew up with alot of different cultures around me so your backround drew my attention. Id love to make a baby with you....blessings Patricia

by Robin87 » 04 Jun 2017

Hello i liked what i read if your still looking to be a donor just Message me thank you

by Mina17 » 07 Jun 2017

Hi you sound great. Please contact me as I am interested

by Mel1974 » 31 Jul 2017

If you ever come to Montreal,
we should talk

by LissaP » 21 Jun 2018

I am interested in speaking to you more about co-parentinf if you are still available. :-)

by islandq1 » 13 Jul 2018

Currently searching for a donor and you sound like a good match. Please contact me. Thank You

by islandq1 » 13 Jul 2018

Currently searching for a donor and you sound like a good match. Please contact me. Thank You

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