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by donar » 02 Nov 2014

hello, Nick (*** here to help other parents who doesn't have babies, i can feel that bcoz i have my friends in same situation but i helped them and now they are happy. so if you have question or anything please ask me, i'll try my best to help you.

by Ceal » 21 Apr 2015

Hello nick. What is your feelings on donating to a lesbian couple?

by donar » 21 Jul 2015

yes i'm here to help everyone. sorry for late reply and not sure if you are still looking. anyway plz contact me.

by Crystalg » 26 Oct 2015

Hey! Are you still available for donation!? My wife and I have been dying to complete our family! Just let me know and thank you!

by samie002 » 29 Jan 2016

Hi there I'm looking to expand my family I'm a single mother of two boys I'm looking for a donor I think this is the best way I'm not seeking g co parenting but if u want to be in the babies life that's fine with me if ur interested plz message me back

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