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by Granite » 17 Nov 2014

I'm new to this, and would enjoy helping a single or couple with a child. I reside in the Edmonton area, and would be interested in providing a donation. I have two children already, and having seen family go through three cycles of IVF to no success, I have some understanding of what infertility is about.

Contact me here, and we can chat further!

by samie002 » 29 Jan 2016

Hi there I'm looking g for a donor plz message me back

by melissa » 30 Jan 2016

Hello my name melissa r u Mexican

by spanishg » 06 Apr 2016

I'm Guatemalan

by K13177 » 27 May 2017

Are you still interested in donating?

by spgive » 20 Jun 2017

K13177, perhaps I can help? I am interested.

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