Donor in Brisbane

When you want a baby, sometimes there are no other options than going the "sperm donors way". By law, sperm donors in Australia must provide identifying information. So intended parents who want a baby through donor conception can look for sperm donors in a sperm bank.

by hapydad » 30 Dec 2015


I am a new donor in Brisbane who would be happy to help couples or singles to have a baby.

I am an athletic happy professional who is fully tested and has very healthy sperm and no stds. I am available at any time to assist. I can show baby and adult photos if that assists. I have excellent health a high IQ and a very positive outlook on life. I have olive skin, dark brown hair and green eyes.

Please feel free to contact me if you are interested.

by Seh083 » 28 Jan 2016

Cool so what makes you want to be a donor for? What do you want out of this if anything !??

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