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by cidside » 06 May 2016

I am a very easy going and laid back individual. I get along with almost everyone pretty well. I am responsible when it comes to getting down to work and doing what I need to get done. I am a fairly reserved individual and have been pretty much my entire life. Many people tell me I look a lot younger than I actually am. I'm 6', 200 lbs, dirty blonde hair, blue eyes. I live two hours west of Edmonton.

by Carolyn » 07 Aug 2016

Hi, I hope that you are having an amazing summer . Are you still interested in donating sperm? I live and work in Edmonton.

by cidside » 12 Aug 2016

Hello Carolyn,

I am indeed still interested. Feel free to contact me when you can on the site or at ***


by K1327177 » 25 May 2017

Are you still interested in donating sperm? We are in need of a sperm donor and would love to discuss this with you.

Thank you

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